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Thirukkural on Public Administration

An  'acronym'  is a word formed by using the first letters of many words. 
Students of management are aware of the acronym coined by Luther Gulick in 1937 
which is  POSDCORB.
This term is widely used in the field of Public Administration. 
In  fact,  it explains the functional elements of the work of a leader.
P = planning
O = Organising
S = Staffing
D = Directing
CO = Co ordinating
R = Reporting
B = Budgetting.

Thiruvalluvar speaks of these skills required for an able administrator in many kurals.
In modern management SWOT analysis is used to evaluate any company's  Strength, Weakness  Opportunities and Threats. SWOT  is another acronym).  
By using SWOT  analysis company's- Strength can be assessed, weakness 
can be corrected, opportunities can be exploited and threat can be countered..
In the Kural 471 Thiruvalluvar says, 
While  Planning  a   project- 
The strength of the project, strength of  our own, strength of the opponents 
and strength of the partners should be weighed.
          வினை வலியும்/ தன் வலியும்/ மாறறான் வலியும்/ 
             துணை வலியும்/ தூக்கிக் செயல் ( 471 )
Organizing is the set of activities which are essential for effective management.
For the success of any management right planning and organizing  are essential.  Kurals 382 and 383 say- For leaders- 
courage, generosity, knowledge, motivation, 
alertness are essential.
         Unless theses skills are  present efficient planning and organizing  are not possible.
Staffing is bringing in the people with required skills and getting the work done through them. 
Kural 504 cautions, 
While recruiting candidate's merit and demerit should be weighed and  selection should be done with  right  judgment.
 Kural 517 says ,
Thus selected persons should be allowed
to function on their own .
It means there should not be any micro management .
Directing is guiding the subordinates to function according to the organisation's plans. 
          Many management experts refer directing to leadership and decision making. 
          Kural 582 says                     
A leader should know what is happening to 
everybody at all times.
A good leader should have the knowledge of every thing that happens under him, then only he can direct  the subjects in the right direction.
Co ordination is   making the different people to work with right understanding to achieve the goals,  It is interlinking various activities of a project.
          Kural 568 advises  that a leader should call his subordinates and discuss.
A leader  who does not  consult  
his associates  will function with anger 
and reduce the capital.
Also kural 677 advises to go for  the  
consultations  of  the experts in the field. 
        செய்வினை செய்வான்/செயல்முறை /அவ்வினை/
          உள்ளறிவான்/ உள்ளம் கொளல் ( 677 )

          உள்ளறிவான் =An expert  who knows in and out , 
          உள்ளம் கொளல் = use his experience ( consult him ).
Reporting is keeping others informed about the on going activities, maintaining required  records and preparing final report. In this regard , no doubt the subordinates would be proud if the organisational matters are relayed to them, 
but Thiruvalluvar says, it should be done with caution.
Disclosure of certain assignments before 
the completion,
will lead to innumerable problems.( 663 )
This is applicable in certain war times military strategic operations which should never be disclosed till  successfully executed.
In modern days, the features of new electronic products are not revealed till they are released.

Budgetting is nothing but preparing probable list of income and expenditure.( fiscal planning )
 Kural 478   says-
Even if the income is less,  does not matter,
if the expenditure does not exceed the income.
Thiruvalluvar advises surplus budget, in case of deficit budget, the deficit should be taken care through reasonable taxation by Governments,in case of manufactures, by  competitive price increase,  cost cut, lay off, retrenchment,  etc.
In the  families depending up on monthly fixed income, the expenditure should never exceed the income. 
There should be some savings to meet any unexpected expenses.
The accepted thinking is, " Maximize the income and minimize the expenditure " 
Thirukkural speaks on many subjects, what he  had said for kings and ministers of ancient days are rightly applicable for CEOs   , head of the Governments and council of ministers of modern days..Thirukkural 487 in Tamil 
ஆகு ஆறு/ அளவு இட்டிது ஆயினும் கேடுஇல்லை/
போகு ஆறு/ அகலாக்கடை (478)

 ஆகு ஆறு = Income,   போகு ஆறு = Expenditure


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